Thursday, August 20, 2015

We Have Begun Preparations for our 3rd Annual Pup Strut!

The Pup Strut is one of the PSG’s primary fundraising events and will be held October 1st & 2nd. Students participate in a five part obstacle course which concludes with a tricycle race to the finish. Each student will receive a Pup Strut T-shirt , participation ribbon and refreshments. Next week we will be holding our Pup Strut Shirt Design Contest at the BECC. The winning student’s drawing will be featured on the front of the T-shirt. The back of the T-shirts will feature the logos of our generous sponsors. We still have availability for additional business sponsors and the deadline for sponsorship is September 4. If you have a business and would be interested in being featured in our event, please contact Angie Hubbell BECC PSG Vice President at for more information.

Friday, February 6, 2015

PSG Meeting Minutes_1-14-15

Brownsburg Early Childhood Center PSG Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2015, 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order

Reading of minutes for 11/12/14 meeting~Amy Gilmore
Introduction of all attendees

Committee Reports:

Vice President~Sonja
~Puppet show-Peewinkles 1/22 @ Corporate Office, @9:30am & 1:30pm

Teacher report~Robin
~Valentine’s Day parties
~Room parent to plan, helpers to show and help
~teachers to communicate with room parents
~next year, room parent will sign up and the beginning of the year, and will stay the same all year

Box Tops~Angie
~The classes will be having a contest thru 2/20
~there will be a submission before 3/1
~posed the question, what kind of reward should there be for the winning class-goodie bag vs extra recess
~overall the group liked the idea of a treasure chest, where the kids in the winning class can pick a prize (maybe use the leftover prizes from the Spring Fling?)
~labels for education website has a mixed bag for prizes-Angie will purchase

Staff Appreciation~Tatum
~February will be a surprise because of all the teachers present at the meeting
~end of the year appreciation-teachers submit a wish list-supplies for class, and PSG to make up baskets

~1 bookshelf left to label
~She has been looking at used office supply places for bookshelves
~The teachers agreed that they appreciate the categories in the library.

~last year we raised $900, this year only $350, why?
~too many fundraisers at that time
~next year change read-a-thon to spring

It was also suggested to make a master calendar to outline fundraisers for the year

Scholastic Book Fair~Amy
~coming in March 16-20
~Courtney Tharp to chair this committee for spring and next year
~we made 60% back in scholastic dollars, there is still $400 in account
~we were able to purchase the teachers’ wish lists

Spring Fling~Amy
~carnival games in classrooms
~food-pizza & ice barn
~$5 admission will include food and games
~silent auction

Dine to Donate~Amy
~Rockstar Pizza-unknown profit
~Scotty’s-January 27, people will need flyer to count towards profits
~Chuck E Cheese, Feb. 6th

Snacks with Students~Amy
~March 16,17
~teachers requested extra chairs for parents

Class Parties
~Room parents to do planning
~money that is collected will be divided and passed out to purchase supplies

Openings for board members for next year:
Vice President

Next PSG meeting set for Wednesday March 11, 2015 @6:30 pm @ BECC

7:15 pm, meeting adjourned

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PSG Meeting Minutes_November 12, 2014

Brownsburg Early Childhood Center PSG Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2014, 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order

Reading of minutes for 09/10/14 meeting~Amy Gilmore

New Business:

Susan Hardy~treasurer report
~Box Tops deposited (from the end of last year, 1st part of this year) $523.20
~Dine to Donate (Chuck E. Cheese) $23.21
~Pup Strut made $4178.21, spent $1418.53

Digital Parenting Information Session-Dec 3rd @ 6:30 pm

Fall Parties~Amy Huang
~not all classes have volunteers, but all classes do have games & crafts planned so teachers will be asked to help facilitate parties

Committee Reports:

Relay for Life~Jennifer Newingham
~BECC has a chair, and will just need the PSG to help the day of the event

Dine to Donate~Amy Huang
~It was suggested that we look into a different restaurant to encourage teachers, and extended family members to participate
            -suggestions-Scotty’s, Bob Evans, Marco’s, Orange Leaf
~Delaware Trail made $500 @ Chick-Fil-A with teachers dressing up & serving food
~Next Dine to Donate will be Hot Skates Dec. 6th from 3-6 pm
            -Hot Skates to design flyers, people will need to bring flyer or card to skate
            -$6/person to skate, $2 to the PSG

Pup Strut~Sonja Davies
~Student donations-$1900, Corporate donations-$2050
~only 25% of students donated, a goal for next year would be $10/student
~notes for next year-change prizes to gift card to Lincolnwood Toy Store, increase the amount, and reward top 2 students
Spring Fling~Amy Huang
~carnival games
-pizza, will need food warmers, make calls for best price on pizza
            -pizza place to provide plates, napkins, forks
-oreos, fruit cups-GFS
-cooler for cold items
~ice barn
~drink donations-Heather Sarles

~silent auction-Amy Gilmore to chair
            -planning to apply for donations from local businesses, as well as Disney, King’s Island, and gift card donations
            -each class will have a theme and students will be asked to donate items to make a class basket that will then be auctioned
            -teachers to donate time with students~Robin McCollum-some teachers were interested, not everyone had responded

Box Tops~Angie Hubbell
~There will be a bubble party for the 1st place class in the contest that ends Dec. 5th, each student will receive their own bubbles to take home
~they are planning 2 more contests, one involving goodie bags for the students, it was suggested to make bags gender neutral
~Labels for Education collected 350 labels that will be doubled, & 450 bonus goldfish labels
            -Kroger card-register card online for labels for education           

Book Fair~Amy Huang
~Dec 1-5
~support staff to help

Staff Appreciation
~Friday they will be getting donuts, & there will be another event planned for December

Library~Amy Huang (Jenny Ye-chair was not able to attend)
~cataloging-what areas do teachers want more books?
~does the PSG want to purchase bookshelves for the library? 
            -points from labels for education

Read a Thon~Amy Huang
~donation paper passed out with revisions made

Next PSG meeting set for January 14, 2015 @6:30 pm @ BECC

7:15 pm, meeting adjourned

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Volunteer Opportunites

We have some opportunities for you to help out the teachers, school, and students. The sign ups are below.

Station Helper and Photographer for Pup Strut-

Staff dinner for conference nights-

Class Party/Room Parent Info Session-

Monday, September 15, 2014

PSG Meeting_September 10


September 10, 2014, 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order
            Amy welcomed everyone to the first meeting, introduced board members (Amy Huang, Sonja Davis, Amy Gilmore were present), the group went around and stated their name and what class their child is in.

Previous meeting notes
            No need to read the minutes from last year.

Pup Strut/October 2nd & 3rd-Sonja Davis
            ~last year we raised $1500 from local businesses
            ~this year we raised $2050 from 20 local businesses
            ~extra shirt sales raised $200
            ~245 t-shirts were ordered/each child will get a t-shirt
~this is our biggest fundraiser-helps buy classroom supplies and bring in
            field trips to students, such as the fire rescue dog
            ~student sponsor forms is all profit, as t-shirts are paid for
            ~sign-up genius for volunteers, no extra siblings allowed

Jennifer Newingham-BECC updates
            ~appreciate parent support
            ~laminating budget is already spent for the year, only PSG may laminate

Miss Hoffman is teacher representative, but was not present because she is getting married!

Box Tops-Angie
            ~new collection bags in each class
            ~1st contest of the year will run from now until October 3rd
            ~goal for the year $1000/10,000 box tops

Staff Appreciation-Kelly & Tatum
            ~staff dinner for conference night
            ~Starbucks to donate hot coffee

Library-Jenny & Jennifer
            ~books have been donated, labeled and ready for use
            ~how parents can help 1)donate books 2)help on Fridays

Workroom & library-parents can help on Friday from 9-11 or 1-4

Scholastic Book Fair-December
            ~needs a committee chair
            ~will need volunteers to work register during drop off/pick up
Spring Fling-this spring
            ~needs a committee chair, and planning committee
            ~silent auction, parents to donate-each class will have a theme

Blog Spot
            ~needs a chair
            ~updates to website

Relay for Life
            ~needs a committee chair
            ~chair will start meeting with RFL spokesperson in March
            ~RFL ends with a 24 hour party at the town hall
            ~fundraiser last year was butter braids and coin wars
            ~brainstorming for this year-t-shirts for RFL

Other fundraising ideas:
            ~garage sale-parents buy tables and can sell things
            ~raffle time with teachers

Dine to Donate
            ~chair named Lorel Smith (
            ~one in the fall/one in the spring
            ~Chick-fil-A, Orange Leaf, Rockstar Pizza, Chuck E Cheese, Hot Skates?

Next meeting will be November 12, 2014 @ 6:30 pm at the preschool

7:15 pm meeting adjourned

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pre-order 2014-2015 Pup Strut Shirts

 Here is the winning drawing that is going to be on our Pup Strut shirts. Your child will be receiving one, but if you would like to order one for yourself or other children please fill out the order form in the front office or ask your child's teacher for an order form. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Interested in helping our school with Box Tops and Labels for Education

Then join us tonight at the Brownsburg Library at 6:30 to learn how you can help. Hope to see you there.